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Organizing activation activitie  is understood as an activity to aim to activate brands to promote their products in the most positive manner the and attract ‘s customers’ attention. Currently, Phan Dang company can help clients making the ideas, plans, construction materials, license leave … and implement activation service package. In Vietnam, the normal activation activities such as:
Sampling (the English term) generally refers to sampling the products for customers to try on and simultaneously collect feedbacks from customers, consumer’s tastes for quality products, samples … of the code of product. In the world, sampling products are widely applied to multiple product lines, from technological products, houses, beauty care services, furniture, consuming goods, cosmetics, beverages, food. … However, almost all of the product lines of enterprises in Vietnam select sampling : beverages, sweets, cakes, processed foods and cosmetics.

Sampling xúc xích Vissan

Roashow is a form of outdoor advertising effectively. By Attila Elizabeth parade forms, double bicycle, single bicycle or sometimes using vespa stock, large displacement motor, the Segway creating the best impressively, a driver’s car, cycles, trucks along with the combination of the beautiful PG, running roadshows almost being suitable for all products and all organizations with the aim of promoting the images and brands such as: the roadshow opening celebration and inauguration, celebrating exhibitions, festivals, holidays or implementing advertising products, brands, introducing new products, promoting online games.

Lucky drawing activity is to aim to attract the participation of the majority of customers and to stimulate the interest of the customers learning about products and services through attractive gifts. Each lucky drawing program often combines with special events such as new product launches, the company foundation anniversary … to stimulate to consuming products and customers’ gratitude.





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