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ORGANIZATION OF ACTIVATION Organizing activation activitie  is understood as an activity to aim to activate brands to promote their products in the most positive manner the and attract 's customers' attention. Currently, Phan Dang company can help clients making the ideas, plans, construction materials, license leave ... and implement activation service package. In Vietnam, the…
Trade Marketing
Trade Marketing activities: With nearly 10 years of experience in providing personnel and directly implementing sales and marketing support activities at the point of sale, Phan Dang Company has boldly invested more personnel to deploy a comprehensive and complete package. sales support services and marketing images for partners. Phan Dang Company receives advice and provides…
Event organization
EVENTS SERVICES To organize a successful event plays a very important role for every business. That event could mark a major milestone for a project and make a good reputation for your business as well to brand closer to customers and partners. Preparation process typically lasts one month or longer, including a lot of detailed…
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