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Event Scenario Writing Program

The role of the program scenario for a certain event is that everyone is well understood. However to create a complete, full-text scenario, conveying all the messages that the program wants towards is not that easy. Phan Dang Media Co., Ltd will share the suggestions for scripting the event program immediately following:

Before we embark on scripting, we must understand the information about the event. The clearer the information, the more detailed the program scenario will be clear, the right meaning, the purpose.

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In order to determine the details, the exact content of the event should be understood by the following 5W1H cannon:

  • Why: What is the purpose of the event?/Why organize this event?
  • What: What is the message of the event?
  • Who: Who is the event participant?
  • When: When does the event take place?
  • Where: Where does the event take place?
  • How to: How will the event be held?

When determining the above factors, we need to associate with the determination of the budget for the program. Determining this budget will help us on the right program, avoiding the case for the perfect program of things but exceeding the allowable cost.

The script is divided into several categories:

  • General Event Program scenario: An overarching scenario for the entire program including the timeline, the main content, the curator,… In order to serve the coordination and monitoring of the event program.
  • The script MC: is the MC citation through the event, ensuring the language fluency, attraction and importance is the right program meaning.
  • Sound script, light: This is quite an important scenario but it seems that when organizing the event program, we or ignored. The sound scenario, light contributes to the program to take out the melodic, attractive.

The following are some sample event program scenarios:

  1. The 10th anniversary of the World Paper Company

To mark the development path, affirm the position; At the same time launching the new brand identity of the paper World, Phan Dang Company has built a scenario with idea: Zero ⇒ ⇒ Hero ⇒ ⇒ Great

The idea of the program is reproduced through the event space, sound system, light… and especially through 2 decency interactive dance screen 3D animated clips.

Scene 1 with the idea of Zero ⇒ ⇒ Hero presents the process from the first days of building the paper world through the previous memories, to the process of construction, development with the product line, the brand , and amazing achievements in just a 10-year journey. By the end of the scene 1, all the guests were able to rereview the impressive figures, images and information throughout the process of construction, formation and development of the paper world.

Scene 2: For the purpose of launching the new brand identity, Phan Dang Media has told the story of serial 1: Hero ⇒ ⇒ The Great. The journey starts with an image flying high into the sky, flying through the famous sights of Ho Chi MINH City, flying in a modern city setting with high skyscrapers,…. Where the plane flies, the rear of the plane will have small light rays that make up 1 moving light, and when flying to any place, these light rays will turn into the partner company logos , customers are mounted in buildings and towers. The aircraft continued to fly around TP. And fly through the other provinces and cities such as Hanoi, Danang, Hue… Showing the development from the south to the north of the company…

  1. The 15th anniversary of Ho Chi Minh City Business Association

To show the purpose of recreated the process of formation, development, direction of operation, achievements and milestones of 15 years of the technology ENTERPRISES in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, Phan Dang Company has launched the image of spacecraft to conquer 5 planets (the 5 areas of the association), through each planet, the spacecraft become more modern, stronger, beautiful and perfected. This exhibits continuous development of the Assembly).

  1. The 10th anniversary of the company’s founding

The initiative has written up a separate story for himself over the course of 10 years of formation and development. And the media of Phan Dang will help to recounted the stories in a creative, dramatic and happiest way. The theme throughout the program is: “Raising your life, doing the future.” The images are crowded, the map of Vietnam, the stork turns into a Globe,.. appear to represent the pure Vietnamese family elevator products. Besides, the challenges are metaphors in wind, smoke, fire, meteorite images,… Highlight the relentless effort to experience difficulties in the past 10 years.

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