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To organize a successful event plays a very important role for every business. That event could mark a major milestone for a project and make a good reputation for your business as well to brand closer to customers and partners.
Preparation process typically lasts one month or longer, including a lot of detailed categories:
  • Determining the purpose and objectives of the event
  • Determining the scale of time, space, inviting accommodations and funding organizations.
  • Making ideas and events plans.
  • Choosing the venue
  • Preparing and implementing internal and public communications.
  • Designing, printing, construction
  • Preparing personnel, script, assigning work
  • Program management and implementation of the program …
A lot of work and hundreds of situations can occur and require carefulness of every detail because only a small flaw may affect the reputation of the companies, organizations and will reduce the quality of program purposes and events seting out, or increase unnecessary costs … The common forms selection also make of corporate events truly unmemorable for the guests. Therefore, the selection of a professional service provider is essential.
Phan Dang Human Resources and Communications Company  is proud of having factory systems, modern equipment with a young and dynamic staff helping our customers to fulfill the efficiency and significance of an event. With the parallel comination between events and media bridge, Phan Dang Company will maximize the good message delivery of the event to the mass community partners, customers whose products or services … want to aim for. With the leadership board and youthful, large, professional working style, excellent professional skills employees in various fields, Phan Dang company (phadanco) is proud of a friend of yours, reliable partner of many organizations and individuals throughout past time and believes that there will be more partnerships and collaboration trusting us in a long time in the future.
Phan Dang Company received performancing packages  from giving ideas and designing content, program plan, supplying personnel, equipment service for services such as:
Organizing events, seminars, conferences and organizing trade promotion activities, organization of the ceremonies.
Consultants, providing supportive branding services (roahshow, activation, sampling, lauching new products).
Performing connected extracurricular and teambuilding activities.
Performing surveys, market surveys, collecting customer information.



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